About Us

Our family is built on faith in God and our highest priority is to make sure our children have a strong relationship with Christ. If our children are Christ-centered, we feel the other values that are important for us to instill in our  children will be evident – values such as love, honesty, respect, and forgiveness. In our family, we love to have fun, go places and experience new things, and we learn from making mistakes. We encourage openness and we teach our children to support each other.

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If the weather is nice, you will probably find us outside. We love being outdoors and enjoy hunting, fishing, caring for our chickens, playing on the swing set, riding four-wheelers, or just letting the kids do what they do best – get dirty!  

A Few of our Favorites


Food:  Pizza

Color:  Purple

Holiday:  4th of July

Fast-Food:  McDonald's

Activity:  Spending time with family, crafts


Food:  BBQ Chicken

Color:  Green

Holiday:  Christmas

Fast-Food:  Wendy's

Activity:  Hunting, house projects

Kim's Thoughts on Aaron

I never questioned whether Aaron was the one for me. His values, intelligence, sense of humor and hard-work ethic are a few things that attracted me to him.  He can literally build or fix anything and if he doesn’t know how he will figure it out!  Aaron loves to read books that help him grow as a person, father, and manager.  I admire his willingness to continually learn, grow, and change.  

Aaron also enjoys hunting and fishing, cooking, building things, and doing the budget.  He loves to have the kids help him with projects and to teach them through life experiences.  

Aaron has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management and is an Operations Manager at a recycling facility in the area.  If I could describe Aaron in one word it would be “selfless”.  He never puts himself first and is always ready to help someone in need.  Aaron is a devoted husband and committed father.  I am thankful that our children and I get to share life with him!

Aaron's Thoughts on Kim

As a school psychologist, she works with children everyday and helps to change the trajectory of their lives in a positive way.  This comes home to our children as well as she is always a step ahead.  Whether it is the next activity coming up or it is the next milestone in our child's life they need to be working towards, she is on it.

She loves to parent our children, bake, cook with me in the kitchen and is quite creative.  I love her drive when she sets her mind to something and is passionate when it comes to things that she really cares about.  Her loving personality is contagious and she loves to joke around!