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About Our Family

Family time is very important to us and we look forward to our Sunday dinners with Aaron’s immediate family each week.  He has a big family which is one of the reasons why we wanted a big family as well.  Your child will have lots of cousins to run around with!  Kim’s family, although a short drive away, are also a huge part of our lives.  Both sides of the family are very supportive and are excited to welcome  another little one. 

Aaron's Family

Kim's Family

More About our Family

We love celebrating birthdays and holidays as a family with different traditions. Aaron’s sister has a big Fourth of July celebration each summer with a huge fireworks show. On Christmas morning, we all get silly string in our stockings and have a silly string fight!  For Christmas on Aaron’s side, the kids all wear matching pajamas, we eat Chinese food, and the adults play cards. We host the Thanksgiving celebration and we have an annual bingo game.  Some common themes to all of our gatherings are food, fun and laughter!

We also have several friends who are part of our lives that are always there for us if we need someone.  This includes members of our church small group, whom we meet with weekly.  We gather to study God’s word, pray, laugh, and encourage each other while our children play and join us in fellowship.